Prototron has launched a spring call for proposals, with a deadline of 25 March

Prototron lambid
Prototron, a facility that supports the implementation of smart ideas, has opened its first call for proposals this year. Last year, Prototron donated a total of 170,000 euros to ideas that would make people’s daily lives better and more comfortable, bringing the total amount of grants under the facility to more than 1 million euros. Applications can be submitted within one month – until 25 March.
“Last year was memorable for Prototron in every way. Due to the corona crisis, we had to take the entire program to e-channels, and we were able to do it very successfully twice. We involved 7 new partners, launched the Prototron Junior business program for young people, expanded to Latvia and distributed a total of 170,000 euros to 13 teams in two rounds,” Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of Prototron, described some of last year’s achievements.
This year, Prototron’s focus is on cooperation. “Estonia has a very active startup community. There are many funds, incubators, money-raising platforms, investors, but even those involved in this field find it difficult to navigate everything, let alone an entrepreneur at the idea level. We want to be a guide here and we call on other donors to be more open. If your VC profile is fintech, but you meet healthtech startup, send it to us. We will direct the teams that create different apps to you. We will create an even more active and forward-looking community, where every idea could become exactly what makes the world a better place,” Budkovskaya assured.
According to her, several teams that have completed the Prototron program have noted that although they are competing for funding, others are not seen as competitors, but rather as potential partners or new teammates. “Synergies across companies, sectors, and programs,” Budkovskaya summed up this year’s priorities.
The spring round is already open, and applications can be submitted at: until 25 March at 23:59.