Why to participate in Prototron – 10 recommendations from the finalists of the 29th batch of Prototron

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Prototron 29 finalists shared their feedback on the recently completed Prototron programme. What were the experiences of the TOP 10 participating teams and why would they recommend others to take part in Prototron?


“All the mentors, lectures and homework were very useful. They do take a lot of time, but with each step you can make your idea more concrete and better. It was interesting to see how different mentors approached from very different angles and gave different feedback.”


“The Prototron program provides an extremely quick overview of the startup world. Under the hands of good mentors, you will be immediately put on the right track. I can’t imagine anyone reading business books on top of managing a startup. All the information presented in the program was very well thought out.”


“If you are a starting startup and want to develop your idea, find places and opportunities to attract investments, then Prototron is definitely a good program to be a part of. Ability to find good contacts. The best part of the Prototron program was the interaction with the mentors. For example, we received the necessary legal advice, which was a weak spot for us at the moment.”


“It was great that we were able to choose the mentors ourselves and thus also set the path that you will get from the program in the end. You learned a lot about your own product, how to pay attention to the necessary details, and describing your idea to others became easier and easier each time.”

ForQueen Bee

“The biggest lesson was getting everything done – the program itself was very good. The most useful topic for us turned out to be the involvement of funding.”

OG Sense

“The Prototron program is the most valuable for starting startups, but the startup has been operating for some time, then not all topics are no longer relevant. The mentoring part was very good and thorough, and new contacts were made.”


“Prototron helped to contact the mentors and get very good feedback. If you have an idea, to build something, to prototype, that idea becomes clearer in Prototron. It’s like a milestone that will benefit.”


“Prototon’s mentors were of a very good standard. I’ve come across all of the topics in Prototron before, but now they’ve come together as one. Prototron isn’t about getting that prize money, it’s like a master’s degree that you don’t have to pay for. This is a free very high level school. If you complete this program, you will be a ready startup entrepreneur.”


“There is nothing to lose. If at first Prototron seems formal and bureaucratic, in reality everything is quite different. The program has a very good emotion, everyone is very helpful and the mentors are also ready to think along at any time.”


When applying for the Prototron program, you don’t have to have everything ready and settled. Here you will get an intensive study – a guide on how to proceed. This experience itself is already such a great value, perhaps winning is not the only goal. After Prototron, you have all the possibilities to find funding, people, a team, etc. In addition, you get a network of mentors who will help your idea take off.”


Prototron is a fund founded by Swedbank, TalTech and the Tehnopol Science and Business Park to finance prototypes of technological ideas so that world-changing ideas and products reach the market faster. By today, Prototron has financed 92 smart ideas with a total of more than 1.7 million euros and the teams have engaged more than 59 million euros as secondary investments.
The green round will be co-financed by the Estonian Republic from the Environmental Investment Centre programme.