Prototron announced the teams of the autumn patch

This week, mentors selected 47 outstanding business ideas from the Prototron Fall patch, whose teams will be eligible to participate in the 6-week Prototron Mentoring Program.

Triin Preem, mentor of Prototron and head of Swedbank’s startup segment: “The presented ideas varied a lot both in terms of topic and maturity. Those ideas whose team and product development are in the phase where they will benefit the most from participating in Prototron got into the program. I was sincerely happy to see several innovative solutions to be made. Now it is up to the teams themselves to see how much they can take out of this program – the opportunity to move forward with the support of mentors is huge!”

Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of the Prototron Foundation, added that the teams that did not get into the top 47 this time should not give up their awesome business idea. “Rather, it would be worthwhile to further develop the ideas in order to submit them to the next Prototron round.”

You can check out all teams and ideas here.

The 47 teams selected for the program will receive professional advice from mentors in marketing, branding, environmental impact assessment and strategy creation, product development and fundraising. Practical workshops lead step by step from an idea to the completion of a prototype and from company registration to the selection of payment systems.

Prototron’s expert group includes Heidi Kakko (EstBAN), Liisi Himma (Swedbank), Madis Raukas (Osram), Yrjö Ojasaar (Change Ventures), Jaanus Tamm (Defendec), Andrus Oks (Tera Ventures), Priit Rohumaa (Nutshell), Indrek Orav (Tehnopol) and Kristjan Maruste (CoModule). 

The winners of the Prototron autumn patch will be announced on December 14, 2022, when it becomes clear who will receive up to 35,000 euros of participation-free funding for the ready construction or further development of the prototype of their idea. Prototron aims to contribute to the birth of new start-ups and world-changing technologies by financing prototypes.

Prototron is a fund created by Swedbank, TalTech and the research and business campus Tehnopol, which finances prototypes of technological ideas so that world-changing ideas and products reach the market faster. Over ten years, Prototron has funded 95 smart ideas with a total of 1.22 million euros, while the teams have raised more than 62 million euros in follow-on investments. This year, the city of Tallinn also contributes to the Prototron teams.

Prototron website and program schedule: