Prototron is looking for digitalising ideas

Focus topics for Autumn round

Digitalisation, data management and optimisation go hand in hand and have become the key words of today’s innovations. Thousands of sensors in industrial machines, household electricity meters, unified tickets for public transport – all of them constantly collect a huge amount of data by creating a digital network around us. How to improve the interaction between industrial machines? Do we get enough data from existing sensors or do we need something else? How can we make machines do the job when the only information available is a desired result? Can unmanned vehicles or ferries take us from Tallinn to Helsinki? How to get the best contract with the electricity company, knowing how much energy is consumed? If it is known, when and how often we go to Helsinki, why there is a constant traffic at the port territory upon the arrival of the vessel. Is it possible to solve this problem by optimising the transport communication?

There are thousands of issues related to industry, energy and its consumption, as well as the prospects of the transport system, its development and optimisation.

If you have an idea how to solve any of these problems, send your application before October 15th!

Prototron is open for any ideas and projects! However, in this round we pay special attention and provide additional resources to the projects with following topics:

  • With the support of Elering, the fund is looking for ideas on the data processing in the energy sector;
  • With the support of EIT Raw Materials, we are looking for solutions for industrial digitalization;
  • With the participation of FinEst Link experts and the Tekes fund, we support the ideas on how to optimise the transport connection between Tallinn and Helsinki.

In addition to funding from the Prototron Foundation, the best ideas will be supported by partners and provided with tools and resources required for the successful implementation of projects. Start-ups are also given an opportunity to develop their idea in Science Park Tehnopol incubator, use the technique and advice of experienced mentors, as well as rely on legal support from Hedman Lift and opportunity to pitch before mentors @Seed Forum in order to achieve success as quickly as possible.

At the moment, Prototron that was established in 2012 by Swedbank, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Tallinn Technical University, supported entrepreneurs and start-ups through investing about 600 000 euros.

Some of these ideas have already become international success stories. For example: Lingvist, Shipitwise, Flydog, Smart Load Solutions, coModule, GlobalReader, HackMotion and Sprayprinter.

Describe your idea and send your application by October 15th via or chatbot Pipa.