Prototron is giving away up to 10 000€ for prototyping ideas, gadgets and inventions that would make our daily lives better. Prototron provides financing and consulting for implementation ofideas, inventions, devices and solutions that make our everyday life easier, more convenient and comfortable. Everyone is welcome to participate – private persons and companies, young and old, experienced and beginners, those working and those just studying, from cities and from countryside!



The aim of Prototron isto encourage smart and enterprising people through a cash injection for carrying out their ideas, turning them into tangible prototypes and into a major business.


It is an all-Estonian competition of ideas, the participants of which are mentored by experts from various fields, in order to prepare the idea and the team for the final pitch before Prototron Expert Committee.


The best ideas will receive start-up funds of up to€ 10,000, legal support, corporate marketing channels and 6 months of incubation in Tehnopol Startup Incubator to prepare the startups for market entry and investment readiness.

Timescale for Prototron 2017 Summer batch


Application are welcome.
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1 June
TOP 40
TOP 20
TOP 10
6 months of incubation in Tehnopol Incubator

Ideas submitted by 1 June are evaluated by assessors of Prototron, that is to provide feedback to participants and select 40 best teams that will be offered educational seminar. Next step will be to norrow competition to TOP20, that participates on Mentors’ Day to get personalized mentoring for preparation of their ideas to the final presentation. During the Mentors’ Day TOP10 selected by mentors will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to Prototron Expert Committee, and the best of those will receive up to 10,000 € financing and 6 months of Tehnopol incubator services.


Expert Committee


Heidi Kakko In


Henrik Roonemaa In
Geenius veeb


Heiki Raadik In


Madis Raukas In


Yrjö Ojasaar In
Solon Partners


Jaak Raie In


Jaanus Tamm In


Andrus Oks In


Margus Uudam In

Prototron Alumni


Name of the team: Lingvist
Grant from Prototron: 9,900 eur
Year of investment: 2012

Lingvist is the first language-learning tool to harness the potential of technology and computational science to decrease learning time significantly and help you learn effectively.


Name of the team: GlobalReader
Grant from Prototron: 5,600 eur
Year of investment: 2015

GlobalReader provides real-time monitoring of manufacturing machines helping to boost productivity of critical equipment and reduces downtime.


Name of the team: coModule
Grant from Prototron: 10,534 eur
Year of investment: 2012

coModule allows manufacturers to implement hardware and software IoT solutions for quicker product development, better client engagement and improved riding experience. It's hardware collects information of vehicles subsystems, whereas smartphone application and cloud analytics system support tracking and retrieving data of the vehicle


Name of the team: Shipitwise
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Shipitwise is automating the logistics domain and makes it possible for anyone to organise shipping of anything to anywhere. Making various logistics service providers virtually co-operate in side our platform, Shipitwise builds logistics chains from scratch with various first and last mile couriers, packaging facilities, transit companies, customs brokers and insurance companies.


Name of the team: Shaka
Grant from Prototron: 11,640 eur
Year of investment: 2012

A portable battery-less device that connects via 3.5 audio mini-jack to smartphone providing information about the weather.


Name of the team: Qminder
Grant from Prototron: 3,100 eur
Year of investment: 2012

Qminder is a queue management system that improves that provides real-time data insights allowing more efficient queue planning.


Name of the team: 3DPrinterOS
Grant from Prototron: 9,560 eur
Year of investment: 2012

A cloud 3D Printer system allowing to manage 3D files, 3D machines and users across a business.


Name of the team: Flydog
Grant from Prototron: 11,242 eur
Year of investment: 2012

Flydog creates software and hardware monitoring solutions for the marine sector, enabling real-time data acquisition and data analysis.


Name of the team: High-Mobility
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2012

High-Mobility develops car emulators that run in modern web browsers allowing development of new mobility services even before the cars hit the road.


Name of the team: Aerogel
Grant from Prototron: 32,500 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Väikesemahuline põlevkivi tootmisjääkidest aerogeeli katsetootmine patendil EE05510B1 põhineva tehnoloogia suurtootmiskõlblikkuse väljaselgitamiseks


Name of the team: Bioimpedance
Grant from Prototron: 35,000 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Operatsiooniaegse ja -järgse kudede taastumise jälgimiseks mõeldud meditsiiniseade.

CP Welding

Name of the team: CP Welding
Grant from Prototron: 11,260 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Paralleel- ja järjestikresonantsi vahelduvmuundurit kasutava käsikeevitusaparaadi prototüüp.

Bit by Bit

Name of the team: Shipitwise
Grant from Prototron: 8,300 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Android and iOS puzzle game that introduces the mindset of programming to kids


Name of the team: Antelope
Grant from Prototron: 8,500 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Antelope Surgical unites a team of skilled programmers, software architects and designers that closely co-operate with surgeons and doctors to create high-precision medical imaging software


Name of the team: Heelosophy
Grant from Prototron: 1,380 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Heelosophy creates perfectly fitting insoles that support feet in exactly the right places, based on podiatric principles.

Organic Filters

Name of the team: Organic Filters
Grant from Prototron: 8,463 eur
Year of investment: 2013

Vetikatel baseeruv õhupuhastusseade


Name of the team: Ultrinia
Grant from Prototron: 50,000 eur
Year of investment: 2014

Ultrinia develops a nano-technological method for the detection of diseases and dope.

Wise Velocity

Name of the team: Wise Velocity
Grant from Prototron: 9,000 eur
Year of investment: 2014

Wise Velocity activity tracker works with all vehicles: cars, motorbikes, go-karts and anything else with an engine. Collects and saves driving data from different motorsport types (circuit racing, autocross, drifting, drag racing etc.) Recorded data is saved to the internal memory and transmitted via Bluetooth to any smartphone, tablet, smart watch or computer.


Name of the team: BlindSense
Grant from Prototron: 8,106 eur
Year of investment: 2014

BlindSense targets blind people along with educational institutes and blind organizations to enhance the blind people’ life in different fields. The device consists of a touch head along with one refreshable Braille unit, the blind user can use this device to point into anything over smartphones and tablets so the information will be shown in Braille with voice feedback as an option.

Smart Load Solutions

Name of the team: Smart Load Solutions
Grant from Prototron: 8,500 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Smart Load Solutions creates Intelligent software platform for connecting heating systems with real-time energy markets.


Name of the team: CubeHub
Grant from Prototron: 5,400 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Cubehub is developing a crowdsourced satellite ground station network, which will consist of fully integrated, cost-effective and automatic ground stations, to enable worldwide real-time satellite operations.


Name of the team: Foxcademy
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Foxcademy is developing an interactive studying platform for K12 students and teachers.


Name of the team: Sensition
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Camera device that helps filmmakers to keep movie picture always sharp and in focus.

UniveR DID

Name of the team: UniveR DID
Grant from Prototron: 22,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Universaalne kaasaskantav detektor narkootiliste ainete tuvastamiseks. Toode UniveR DID (2-3 kg) on välja töötatud narkootiliste ainete tarbimise analüüsiks tollis, politseis ja meditsiinis, võimaldades analüüsida vedelikke, gaase ja tahkeid aineid.


Name of the team: OptiReactors
Grant from Prototron: 13,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Riistvarasüsteem laboridiagnostika tõhususe tõstmiseks.


Name of the team: YSpin
Grant from Prototron: 15,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

Elektroketruse seade polümeersete nanokiudude koondamiseks niitideks, mida on võimalik kasutada nt. energiasalvestitena, sensormaterjalidena, filtermaterjalidena, biomeditsiinis.


Name of the team: SprayPrinter
Grant from Prototron: 8,000 eur
Year of investment:2015

SprayPrinter is a handheld printer that works with spray paint. With the help of a mobile app and SprayPrinter device one can easily transfer images from a smartphone onto walls.


Name of the team:  Sympower
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

By providing typical households with a smart system that integrates with heating and cooling devices and shifts the usage to cheaper hours (without compromising comfort), Sympower reduces households’ energy bills.


Name of the team: TNSound
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

TNSound creates distortion-free speaker system, allowing a perfect authentic listening experience.


Name of the team: FeelingStream
Grant from Prototron: 5,000 eur
Year of investment: 2015

FeelingStream helps large service companies improve customer experience by analyzing customer messages, be those emails or feedback comments. Reacting to customer opinion improves closing new sales and decreases leaving rates.


Name of the team: Shaperize
Grant from Prototron: 5,700 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Shaperize focuses on 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D modeling services, selling also 3D printers, 3D pens, filament and offering 3D printing courses.


Name of the team: Saunum
Grant from Prototron: 5,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Saunum a fully automated health center to help sauna owners and health conscious people make sauna environment more comfortable and healthier by equalizing temperature for legs and head, losing steam burning effect, adding salt ions and controlling CO2 level.


Название команды: Genosity
Грант Prototron: 7,000 eur
Год участия: 2016

Genosity builds a machine for gene testing, making genes study more accessible to anyone.

Full Profile

Name of the team: Full Profile
Grant from Prototron: 2,300 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Full Profile helps marketers by offering customer research without need to ask any questions from customers.

Hepta Group Energy

Name of the team: Hepta Group Energy
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Hepta Group Energy provides a full package of energy services to cover all development and implementation stages of a project, whether it's monitoring, GIS systems, wind or solar energy farms, or construction.


Name of the team: VioGAIN
Grant from Prototron: 19,550 eur
Year of investment: 2016

AC-grid Integrated

Name of the team: AC-grid Integrated
Grant from Prototron: 35,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016


Name of the team: NICAT
Grant from Prototron: 30,800 eur
Year of investment: 2016


Name of the team: Bikeep
Grant from Prototron: 6,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Bikeep smart bike rack combines industrial grade steel with smart technology to safely lock front wheel and frame. You can lock your bike using mobile phone or a RFID swipe card with no inconvenience of carrying your own lock.

Themo (sOlo Thermostaat)

Name of the team: Themo (sOlo Thermostaat)
Grant from Prototron: 4,460 eur
Year of investment: 2016

An intelligent floor heating thermostat that checks the electricity price when heating your floor.


Name of the team:  Creatomus
Grant from Prototron: 10,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Creatomus solution enables buyers to find and customise designs of their future homes in an interactive and fun manner. Residential property developers, house manufacturers and architects use technology to promote their flexible and modular house types online.


Name of the team:  Covisual
Grant from Prototron: 10,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Covisual, is developing a communication software to help engineering and construction teams to save time and avoid errors while working on a construction design remotely, in a way that all users can spectate each other`s movements and actions on the blueprint in real time.


Name of the team: Gelatex
Grant from Prototron: 10,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Gelatex Technologies is developing gelatin-based leather-like textile to help mass fashion or furniture brands to use eco-friendly materials and earn profit at the same time with using technology that is affordable, easily scalable and patentable.


Name of the team:  Hairvel
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Hairvel develops and produces haircare ingredients that help haircare producers to make their consumer products more efective, milder for environment and end-user by using biotech


Name of the team: HackMotion
Grant from Prototron: 7,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

HackMotion – helps to learn snowboarding super-fast by tracking body movements with smart clothing and providing realtime audio feedback.

Tark Energia

Name of the team: Tark Energia
Grant from Prototron: 5,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Tark Energia is developing computer heat based radiators to help consumers using electrical heating to save on power bills with lowered rates thanks to the profit created by the computers.


Name of the team:  Sphebotics
Grant from Prototron: 5,000 eur
Year of investment: 2016

Sphebotics is the system that improves efficiency of getting solar power from any surface: from the roof, from the hills around the farmhouse or from the water surface.