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solo pilt
solO is the first underfloor heating thermostat in the world, with a direct connection to the electricity markets. It is designed for people who have electric floor heating at home. The thermostat smartly turns itself on when the electricity price is very low, and it turns itself off when the price hits the roof. This artificial intelligence will keep the floor constantly warm, and the savings can be seen in the monetary figures. It sounds like a dream, right?

But it is not, precisely because this idea came out as one of the recipients of funding from the Tallinn round of Prototron.

solO completed cooperation with two companies: SLS (software) and THE Systems (hardware), so the winners are two companies and the customers.

The areas of responsibility of the teams are as follows: Henry Liimal and Thomas Tasuja (delivery of the thermostat hardware), Mart Uuemaa (beautiful appearance of the thermostat), Allan Puusepp (top-level artificial intelligence algorithms) and Madis Uuemaa (search for cooperation partners).
The product is currently being piloted, and the first customers are planned to have installations in the coming winter – so that people will have a warm floor and not waste too much money.

“We definitely recommend taking part in the Tallinn Prototron round. In Estonia, this is the best place to start testing and development of your idea. It will definitely contribute a lot to winning if the team has a sparkle in their eyes when pitching their idea,” said Madis. It pays to listen to him because he has tangible results to show!

Submit your idea: www.prototron.ee before 15 October.

Creatomus – solutions for apartment buildings in need of renewal

töötuba Creatomuse prototüüp
The state of apartment buildings in various regions of Tallinn is not the greatest, many of them are in need of renovation, and here is the solution – Creatomus helps housing associations and residents of panel houses of the capital city to compare different types of solutions for the renovation of a house or apartment. Creatomus helps the process of ordering the necessary products/materials, and to find the right builder.

The four-member team of Creatomus has now built a technical solution with which they are able to carry out the first pilot projects. They are planning to reach the first customers (housing associations of housing blocks) within 6-9 months. “We are currently looking for housing associations, who would be willing to participate for free in our pilot project,” said chief executive of Creatomus Renee Puusepp. In addition to Renee, Taavi Lõoke (project leader of apartment building renovation solution), Kaiko Kivi (technical director) and Martins Untals, who is the consultant of business and technical solutions are the other professionals who operate in Creatomus.

In the case of Prototron, Renee highlighted the clear format and the decision-making process. “Protoron is a simple and suitable financing scheme for start-up companies. I would recommend that the participating teams would use the opportunity to get initial feedback from the Prototron mentors, which is even more important than the financial reward. For example, participation in the Tallinn round of Prototron led us to several very important persons in the city of Tallinn,” said Renee.

Submit your idea: www.prototron.ee before 15 October.