19 new ideas to support at Fundwise

19 teams from the Prototron program launched their fundraising campaigns on the crowdfunding platform Prototron&Fundwise. You can support either international fair trade music streaming platform Fairmus, a self-sustainable dome Freedome or robotic hands to pick strawberries to solve seasonal labor shortages in the fields.

“In this batch, we have given the teams more support on how to sell their ideas. Fundraising campaigns on prototron.fundwise.me platform are a really good start to collect knowledge and feedback from potential customers as well. Teams learn to market their campaign. If they succeed, the next step is to pitch for investors,“ said Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of Prototron.

Numbers are growing

„We are pleased that every year the teams participating in Prototron have been able to show increasingly stronger results, which was crowned by the autumn round of 2020 when 12 of the 18 Prototron teams were successful and were able to attract a record amount of funding. The top three were able to raise more than 1,000 euros. Overall, the success of Prototron teams on the Fundwise platform is 62.34%,“ Henri Laupmaa, CEO of Fundwise said.

In each round of the Prototron, participating teams can run their fundraising campaign on the hybrid platform co-created by Prototron and Fundwise. For the project to be successful, the selected amount (minimum 250 euros) must be collected. If the goal is not reached, the money will be returned to the supporters. From the last round, the team that raised the most money was ZenFlower, they were supported by 1889 euros. 

All together there have been 77 participating teams on prototron.fundwise.me platform, 48 successful campaigns, 19 484 euros collected with successful campaigns.

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