29 start-ups launched fundraising campaigns on the Fundwise platform

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29 Prototron teams from springround launched their fundraising campaigns on the crowdfunding platform Fundwise. In the previous three rounds, 30 teams have collected a total of 5,324 euros.

In addition to the real financial support, the experience teams gain using the co-funding platform is even more important. “It is very necessary for teams who are still developing their ideas. On the one hand, they´ll get feedback on their product or service – are clients willing to buy it or not? On the other hand, teams must plan and implement a sustainable marketing campaign, where the result of success is measured in money – sales skills are especially important in teams of technological ideas, which are mainly put together by engineers, ”said Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of Prototron.

Experience vs money

According to Henri Laupmaa, CEO of Fundwise, many years of cooperation with Prototron have provided an opportunity to support and spread entrepreneurial thinking. “For us it is a very important and social undertaking. Fundwise team will provide advice and knowledge for the teams who need support in developing their idea. Asking for money is never easy, and even with a great idea, you have to invest time in it and learn to do it well. On the Fundwise platform, teams can actually practice it, “he added.

So far, the largest amount has been raised by the recovery team Recovery Companion, which is developing digital mental health support services for cancer patients. Teams Pillirookõrs have also stood out with successful campaigns; Prototron’s previous round winner, ISA Champ, who created an alternative funding platform, and Cureassist, who is participating in Prototron’s application round for the second time.

From this springround of Prototron, 29 teams will participate in the Fundwise platform with their campaign. You can show Your support financially to very different teams that are developing new health technologies, IoT, educational games, various apps or service platforms. All teams can be found on prototron.fundwise.me.

Fundwise will help Prototron teams to gain knowledge of what co-funding is and whether and how it can be used for their idea. Already in the initial development phase of an idea, teams have the opportunity to introduce it to real investors and receive immediate feedback on whether the idea, its form and content would be attractive to investors or what and in what direction should be changed.

The campaigns will run on the Fundwise platform until May 28, 2020.