The winners of 19th round bring out solutions in unexpected areas.

Prototron winners FuseBox VirtualFX FoodDocs Eziil
Prototyping foundation Prototron’s 19th application round was focused on digitalisation. About 200 ideas were submitted, and the most useful ones for people and industry made it to the final top. Four teams received funding, the total sum was 30 000 EUR.

“All the teams competing for Prototron’s funding come from different areas. Still, they have something very important in common – their ideas and solutions are really surprising. The teams managed to make technology useful for people and industries, solving problems in unexpected areas”, said Prototron CEO Jana Pavlenkova.

FoodDocs team is working on a cloud-based self-check plan for restaurants, cafes and other companies dealing with food. This makes document management easier and gives a better overview. Funding received: 5 000 EUR.

VirtualFX received 10 000 EUR from Prototron, in order to develop a VR-based cognitive rehabilitation solution. This could help patients with brain trauma to experience different situations in virtual reality, instead of going through current situations “in theory”. The solution will raise effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation method.

Eziil team received 5 000 EUR, in order to develop a production intellect – a desktop for industry director, which helps make visual work plans and spread the information to all workers’ smart devices. This artificial intelligence could learn from the user’s previous actions and in the future would automatically suggest the best possible action plans.

Prototron’s sponsoring partner Elering awarded 10 000 EUR to the FuseBox team, so they could test their solution for helping electric networks. From the environmental point of view, producing reneqable energy is becoming more important, but is unstable and overloading the energy networks. A more flexible energy use could be the solution, with temporary switching off systems that use too much energy (e.g. heating or cooling systems). And FuseBox team is now developing this very solution.

Prototyping foundation Prototron has supported teams who develop smart solutions for the 19th time. The awarding took place today at sTARTUp Day in Tartu. So far in total, 56 idea prototypes have been supported in total amount more than 700 000 EUR.

Prototron’s partners are Utilitas, Hedman Partners and Elering.
Applications for the next round can be submitted up to March 15th online at