Meet TOP10 and celebrate Prototron’s 5th birthday!

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Last Thursday, at Tallinn Tehnopol Science Park Prototron had a hell of an event – Mentors’ Day! Teams of the summer Prototron Fund Round met with mentors and experts in order to defend their projects and identify the top ten dudes for getting a slice from the fund.

Meet and greet our TOP10: hINF, Timecode pen,, hyperSpecs, TaMi Automatics, LawTec, Logosond, ProTech Fisher, RCSnail, Valdo Business.

Mentors were impressed by ideas get together in TOP20 this year. Jaak Ennuste, managing partner at ADM Interactive, media expert and mentor of Prototron, noted that the ideas received in this round are very strong and innovative, but future startups should pay more attention to preparing for a meeting with mentors, and use the time as efficiently as possible.

Winners of the summer round of Prototron who will get to Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator programme, Hedman Lift consultancy and grant for prototyping their projects will be announced at the gala celebration (whaaat?! – that’s right!) of the Foundation’s five-year birthday partyyy! This open event, to which all of you kinds are invited, will be held within the framework of the Tehnopol Entertainment Week 2017 on the 7th of September and starts at 19.00. Don’t be late – you snooze, you loose.

At the event you will find all sorts of fun, get a chance to talk to mentors, investors and representatives of the founders of the Prototron Foundation: Swedbank, Tallinn University, Science Park Tehnopol, Utilitas, Hedman Partners, Elering, as well as get some ideas of what the guys at Prototron are planning to do in future.

The night continues with TEW Party! Food’n’drinks, awesome fresh Estonian electronic music duo Púr Múdd and best dance hits brought to you by Eeva Esse and Madis Kimmel!

Prototron 5th B-day and TEW2017 party agenda

18:00-20:00 Tech Market
Come and sell Your vintage-retro-classic-modern etc technical devices at Tehnopol Tech Market.
19:00-21:00 Prototron’s 5th B-Day and Summer round winners announcement
21:00-22:00 Púr Múdd
22:00- 01:00 Best dance hits brought to you by Eeva Esse & Madis Kimmel
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Prototron B-Day & TEW party