With Fundwise, you can learn valuable lessons with less risk

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Have you ever talked about your pet or heard anyone talk about their pet? They share pictures, videos, stories and inspire other animal owners to share their stories. Imagine if you talk about your idea in the same way: with passion. Your pitch is no longer a robotic sales speech but an inspiring description of a vision of a more beautiful world that you bring closer with your service or product.

Different stages of development when building a company require new investments, and any investment attraction campaign can be a matter of life and death for the company. It is worth developing the ability to attract investors and find investments at an early stage. Fundwise is a great platform to go through this process. It is better to learn the valuable lessons of failure with a campaign aimed at € 250 than € 100,000, and this opportunity is offered to the teams in the Prototron program.

You have to do the sales yourself

However, it is worth bearing in mind that a crowdfunding campaign is much more than just raising money. This is a good opportunity to introduce and establish your brand. Therefore, it should be considered as one marketing communication campaign – together with the marketing and communication plan, the set goals, and their consistent fulfillment throughout the campaign. So, if you have an idea for which you are willing to sacrifice sleep and play, talk, spread, and market your business.

We are pleased that every year the teams participating in Prototron have been able to show increasingly stronger results, which was crowned by the autumn round of 2020 when 12 of the 18 Prototron teams were successful and were able to attract a record amount of funding. The top three were able to raise more than 1,000 euros. Overall, the success of Prototron teams on the Fundwise platform is 62.34%.

The results have improved every time, which gives hope to see even cooler records and success stories in the future.

We are proud and grateful to all participants and enjoy the synergies you create.

Thank you!

Prototron teams participating in the Fundwise platform in numbers:

Participating teams: 77

Successful campaigns: 48

Amount collected: € 20,629

Amount raised with successful campaigns: € 19,484

The team that raised the most money: ZenFlower € 1889