The Prototron program is like running a marathon

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Running a Prototron program can be compared to a marathon, only with the difference that it only takes two months to reach the top form from the start. In contrast, such a pace can be life-threatening when training for a marathon, those who are ready to fully commit to their idea will reach the top in Prototron.


Let’s go through the Prototron program in the marathon key. Close your eyes and imagine that two ultra-energetic sports commentators Will Notgiveup and the Coming Victory jump to the front of your eyes with big headphones and microphones.


Coming Victory – Good morning, dear startup friends. We come to you straight from the vortex of events. March 25 is almost here, and new business ideas have set themselves on the start line, and the two-month Prototron marathon can begin.


Will Notgiveup – The atmosphere here at Prototron e-stadium is full of electricity, and the program promises to be intense. Applicants also include those who leave Prototron in two months as the winners. In addition to the joy, knowledge, and contacts gained during the program, the prize is up to € 35,000, the opportunity for incubation in Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator, R&D consulting from TalTech, legal assistance from Hedman, and several useful tools such as Avokaado Contract Management, Web Hosting Services or Amazon Web Services.


Coming Victory – In the Spring Round 2021, the Prototron fund is € 50,000. This money was provided by Swedbank Estonia, TalTech, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, the City of Tallinn, Latvian BuildIt, Swedbank Latvia, LMT, and CoModule!


Will Notgiveup – An intensive program awaits, requiring 225% commitment from each participant. Only those who believe in their idea and who are ready to sacrifice even their sleep time will reach the top. Prototron will screen out the best of the best.


Coming Victory – What awaits our competitors? Of the ideas submitted, about 50 contestants will qualify and undergo an intensive program in financing, intellectual property rights, prototyping, sales, and management. In addition, advice is provided on how to prepare investment documents, and with the help of experts in their field, you will be able to launch your first co-financing campaign on the Fundwise platform.


Will Notgiveup – However, however…. – in each round, there are very cool ideas that fail at some stage because the team cannot, doesn’t want, or is not able to commit themselves enough. In Prototron, however, all mentoring exercises and workshops must be completed in order to proceed. Whoever does this has the advantage of simply listening and getting smarter. Prototron is not the place to come to try out your competitive shape. Come to Prototron if you really want to implement your idea.


Coming Victory – But let’s move on with the program. In April, the ranks of the participants will be reduced, and the 30 strongest will be able to continue. Individual mentoring will take place for them to give them professional advice to refine the idea. This is followed by intensive pitch training.


Will Notgiveup – It’s getting more and more exciting – on May 25, the 12 best who will have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of the Expert Committee will continue their crazy, emotional, and exhausting journey. That is where the winners are decided!


Coming Victory – And then the business idea is already working, and you can happily plunge into the armchair and enjoy a functioning business…


Will Notgiveup – No, not at all. Prototron is only the first stage in a seemingly endless series of competitions. According to statistics, about 10% succeed in implementing their idea; Prototron’s success rate is 89%! Of course, Prototron’s portfolio also includes ideas that will not be successful in the market after the prototype is completed and initially tested. Sometimes the solution is not what people need; sometimes, your idea is simply ahead of time, or a new idea and direction are taken. However, this does not mean that these 11% have failed. On the contrary, validation and testing show whether an idea works or not. And all this work begins after passing the Prototron program.


Coming Victory – Well, let us take a look at the Prototron track and wait for the events of this round to unfold before us.


To participate in the Prototron marathon, submit an application by March 25 at