The ideas that exist in the imaginary universe don´t get far

Prototron Comodule
Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of Prototron, says before closing the second round of this year’s application that the biggest problem is the ideas received for evaluation, which solve some of the problems of the imaginary universe.

90% will succeed

“It is true that the biggest problem in every round are the ideas that exist in a vacuum. The solutions do not solve a real problem or do not rely on the market situation. Often the solutions are not related to specific client groups, which makes it difficult to sell the product. But there are also cool ideas and technological solutions that we are helping to find a way to market as part of the program. The Prototron alumni survival rate is up to 90%.The remaining 10% failed for two specific reasons – the idea did not find clients or the team broke up because they did not know what to do next.

The best advice I can give to the teams is to test your idea – is the problem you are working on really understandable for everyone; is the problem really so critical that a person is willing to pay to fix it? In addition, it is extremely important to find out whether all team members understand in the same way how they improve the lives of people with their startup, “said Budkovskaya.

Alumni returns

This autumn’s round is significant for Prototron for the reason that coModule joined Prototron as a mentor and financier. coModule is the team that received funding from Prototron’s first application round and which successfully entered the market with their electric scooter Tuul, and technology gigant Microsoft.

“It is a sign of a mature community that alumni assist its alma mater. Consequently, they have gained something from it. In addition, it is an important mark of quality – I learned, and now I am ready to support myself and teach more and more. Kristjan Maruste, co-founder of coModule, is definitely a role model for Prototron applicants,” said Budkovskaja and added that all Prototron mentors believe in the potential of the ideas.