Prototroni sügisvooru TOP 47 tiimi on siin

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The plan – Connecting trainers and trainees around the world
JÕHU – We are offering a solution to create the flour from apple pomace, which is a byproduct of juicing made from pulp and seeds. After drying and grinding, it comes to an incredible allergy-free, fiber rich flour with a multipurpose use.
Rayton Team – A platform which helps people simplify the process of going solar, and installers to save time and work only with warm leads with a low CAC.
Moonclo – Moonclo is Estonia’s first C2C fashion rental platform, where brand owners can rent out clothes and accessories to customers for the desired time. It is a new and sustainable way of consuming fashion.
Kinola – Kinola is a ticketing and management software for small and medium size cinemas.
Mutative Marketing WiseClean is an IT platform for home cleaning to connect clients and independent suppliers.
Shortcut Master – We help visual artists learn keyboard shortcuts with AI powered desktop app and a Smart Keyboard that highlights shortcuts.
Dokas – Social loaylty system for culture field with collectible art.
Whizzer – A collaborative web-based database change management and version control tool for DevOps
Lodestar – Lodestar helps designers meet their building project carbon footprint targets before the design process even starts, – without adding budget costs.
BatCycle – “BatCycle” is dedicated into reprocessing and repairing of retired Li-ion battery packs and recycling the end-of-life Li-ion battery cells to recover and return battery materials to circulation.
Justacart – Sustainable cashier-less supermarket keeping shoppers happy and reducing waste
Solid World DAO – Solving climate through liquid supply chain finance
The Slick Way – We’re bringing loyalty cards digitally into an app and provide a set of tools for merchants to communicate with their customers. – Our product is AI business coaching chatbot working 1-on-1 with each employee. Considering that it is software, it allows us to lower the cost of coaching 100+ times.
OG Sense – The optical gas sensor is fully resistant to ammonia and other aggressive gases, which is highly requested in poultry farming and other industries
DataCalculus – The First Autonomous Software for Actionable Data-Driven Decision Making (the Excel of Future)
OTOH – The idea is to digitalise food safety system documentation and management.
Playerbank – Player recruitment app. Connecting players with teams and agents for finding new sports career opportunities.
Periodic Storm – Innovative Water Generatorwith Autonomous Green Energy Supply. Our goal is to save natural resources with the help of machines and generate water needed by man with alternative green energy supply but without expensive and complicated infrastructure.
BoxBox – Airbnb but for Storage.
ForQueenBee – Help beekeepers to manage beekeeping work
easy peasy – a simple referral app that helps offline SMB’s acquire new loyal customers and allows users earn cumulative cash rewards
Food Filter – Mobile app that checks food ingredients by barcode and gives clear, readable and analyzed info on food composition.
RapidX – Decentralized Payments Infrastructure to Send Money Globally for Free
Bankery – One loan application, access all banks!
BiogasCollective – We will give rural people the means to make renewable energy at home out of biological waste, by making biogas from waste.
HOH Gas Team – Simple, chip & safe device (electrolyzer – not regular, but 7 times effective by original design with permanent magnets) for saving petrol/diesel fuel up to 40% under the same ICE normal parameters of work & power.
Aalto – The idea is to elaborate a simple and portable seafood contaminants detection test, in order to minimize contaminated seafood consumption.
ShopperID – Email alias for e-shoppers which will direct all different e-shop purchase related communication to one platform, acts as a marketing spam protector and provides holistic customer data for platform merchant customers.
CheckMet – Essence is women’s healthcare app that transforms day-to-day life and performance by optimizing social calendar, work tasks, diet, and exercise routine to the different phases of their menstrual cycle, and plans a perfect intelligent schedule.
ScrapApp – Scrap prices aggregator and platform to provide wide range of services for scrap handling. All in one place for scrap info and interactions between market players
EYEDOO – Vision screening and training device to identify vision related problems and to improve vision by structured training
Snow recycle LLC – Snow recycle’s research and development (R&D) team has created a production technology that transforms bio-waste into disposable tableware, containers and packaging.
Aydin Zengin Nanowind fabricates air cleaning filters composed of nanomaterials made from plastic waste.
Scopus – Scopus Studio is a successful 3D fashion agency for already 2 years. Now we are aiming to scale the agency with a SaaS solution where 3D fashion freelancers and their clients come together to create digital fashion photoshoots.
Take Care – Võimalus hoolitseda oma lähedaste eest, kasutades it-tehnoloogiad.
Smart Fridge Predicting fridge’s issues by monitoring different parameters.
KNW Technologies – A system that allows to pick & pack orders 2-3x faster thanks to technology that makes products easy to find, improves routing and smartly pools orders
äio tech – We design microbes to produce healthy fats and oils without destroying our planet
DoBu – A digital technical passport for your home where the homeowner can easily search for every little detail of the home. We will remind you about important deadlines like maintenance. You can order all the parts/services related to your home through us
Wayren – Communication Platform that enables critical data exchange for faster crisis response. The solution provides efficient and secure distributed data exchange where civilian networks are not reliable with simple equipment.
WNWN – We are working with potato waste from manufacturers in Estonia as well as discarded potatoes from supermarket chains to convert them into ingredients for further use in skincare and household products.
Cat Snap – With Cat Snap – illuminating cat litter we’re bringing unprecedented ease of use (WC flushable) to cat’s owners. Product formula pairs the natural material with color changing characteristics to indicate the contaminated proportion of the litter box.
EXAGRAF – Producing automated grafting machines for fruit trees in large scale production orchard.
WETRUEVIA – WETRUEVIA is a metaverse created specifically for education, so it is easy to use and it offers a tools and experiences that make education process more efficient and fun.
The Agency for Understanding – The easy-to-read content creation platform allows service owners to describe the content of services in easy-to- read and understandable language to their target groups. This enables people to use services without external help.