Prototron handed out 50,000 euros to the best smart ideas

Prototron 2022 winners
The recipients of funding from Prototron’s 28th round were revealed today. A total of 50,000 euros worth of equity free funding was divided between three winners.

Team Low imPACKt received 5,000 euros, Funky Food 20,000 euros and Ari Care 25 000 euro 25,000 euros of equity free funding from the Prototron fund.

“Prototron green batch teams showed vividly how world changing ideas can be ingeniously simple,” said Liisi Himma, the head of corporate banking of Swedbank and a member of the expert board of Prototron. “This round focused only on green initiatives, however I believe that, in the future, being green will be intertwined in all of the ideas. Even while producing a product or offering a service that seems to be furthest from being green, it has to be environmentally sustainable. Liisi’s favourite team was Funky Food, which will hopefully charm even the most adamant meat lover. 

Funky Food has found a way to offer an alternative to meat by using fungal biomass, not forgetting good taste and nice texture. “Each business should have a sentence they could use to sum up their idea. –  We produce tasty and environmentally friendly alternative to meat.” said the spokesperson to Funky Food Kaspar Kaljas.  

Team Low imPACK found a unique solution to packaging using recycled textile leftovers. “It was our first validation. We had an opportunity to speak to real investors, “ concludes Liis Tiisvelt the CEO of Low imPACK. 

Air Care  – cleaning products created by using innovative technology – received the largest monetary recognition from the expert board. “This experience was intense, the contacts we have made are such a treasure – this was a golden opportunity. Those contacts received from Prototron are already developing into an enjoyable collaboration,” said the front runner of Air Care Marilyn Kesküla

Prototron is a fund founded by Swedbank, TalTech and the Tehnopol Science and Business Park to finance prototypes of technological ideas so that world-changing ideas and products reach the market faster. By today, Prototron has financed 88 smart ideas with a total of more than 1.16 million euros and the teams have engaged more than 58 million euros as secondary investments.