Ender Turing – your secret weapon in smooth conversations

Olena Iosifova
We all want to be better in our relationships, don´t we? Now, imagine that you are talking with someone on the phone or online and you get instant suggestions, how to make your conversations smoother, more interesting, and meaningful? Ender Turing is making this reality.

Ready for another million

You may have a fantastic idea, You may have the best team to make it happen, You may get to the very TOP in Prototron program and still not get the money, because you are already too far on bringing your idea alive. Ender Turing is a great example of that scenario. They already had proof of concept and first paying customers, so instead of start building their idea, they started raising money. First crowdfunding was in May and now they are ready to rise 1M euros.

Olena Iosifova, Chief business development officer of Ender Turing, explained, that they are creating an AI – conversation software, that helps salespersons and customer care to be more efficient in their conversations. „Our solution allows all people to be a better talker and better listener. I have been on sales, so I do know, how it goes – you are so excited about your product, so you talk and talk. We don´t want to ask questions or to listen. It is very inherent for human beings and our AI will help to be in all kinds of conversations – sales, personal relationships etc. If you are talking too long, it suggests that maybe you would like to ask a question or listen to your partner for a while. It is like someone is listening to your conversations and gives you tips and hints, how to do better,“ she said.

A unique trump

Currently, the solutions make suggestions for improving afterward, but soon it should be able to make these in real-time, during the conversations. Olena said there are a couple of similar technologies on the market, but these are based on English, so Ender Turings trump is different European languages:„We are already in Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus, next we´ll enter to Poland and Germany.“

Where does she see the team in 5 years? „Hopefully we have spread our technology to the people, who want to be better in their conversations and relationships. It´s not about the money, we truly believe this technology can change lives. Warm relationships make you happy – that is what matters,“ Olena added.

Be honest, be yourself. The more frank you are, the better you get.

„If you have an idea, start working on it. Great ideas don’t come to live themselves, they need people for that. If you struggle in the start, then find like-minded people. People, who share your passion and desire, who is consistant. Of course, it is really hard to make something work from scratch. Apply to Prototron and not only for the money. The connections, feedback, and tight work in a very limited timeframe – these are priceless,“ she encouraged.

One good news after another

They are doing exceptionally well. It was just announced, that Ender Turing joined the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator, affiliated with the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Jevgen Iosifov – the CEO of Ender Turing was awarded the Cisco DevNet Creator of the year in the EMEAR region. We believe this is only the beginning.

The autumn round of Prototron is open, submit an application by November 15, 2021 at www.prototron.ee and start your own success story.