Great example: the cooperation between Tallinn and Prototron

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Tallinn is more than just a city. Tallinn has the will and courage to deliver stubbornly as if it were a startup that takes innovative ideas, tests, fails, tries again. This is the only way to get solutions that really work in our urban space.

For example, Prototron, a facility co-sponsored by the city, has a focus on innovative ideas, digitization, and green ideas. We are very pleased that Tallinn sets Prototron as an exemplary example. It is a private initiative supported by the city, and this cooperation will lead to fierce solutions. For Prototron teams, Tallinn is often a test area of ​​sufficient size.

On Thursday, the city organized a discussion day for the Tallinn 2035 development strategy for its key employees. Our CEO Jana was invited to moderate this event because who would know better how to find and implement new solutions in diverse teams? One important observation in the discussion of the strategy was that if an idea is worthwhile, it is necessary to test it immediately, not to wait until 2035 to bring it to life. Just like in the startup world. It is clear that no strategy or document will be realized on its own, it will require beginners, courageous, and sometimes a little crazy people. You can find them in Tallinn.