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The conditions set out in this document are intended to become the main basis, providing guidance for applicants, participants and stakeholders on the work of Prototron.

  1. Schedule of acceptance of applications

Providing ideas is divided into several rounds and is usually held twice a year in spring and autumn. Prototron reserves the right to change dates in accordance with the needs and capabilities. Ideas are accepted not less than three months before the deadline for the corresponding round. The application form closes at 23:59 on the last day of the application.

  1. Submission of the application

2.1. Anyone can present their idea in Prototron regardless of gender, age, nationality, citizenship, religion, education or work. Applicants shall not be discriminated against, and decisions on ideas are taken solely on the basis of an analysis of the criteria for ideas.

2.2. The application must be completed electronically in the online application on the website (further on the website) or via Facebook chat via PIPA.

2.3. We accept only those applications that were filled fully and correctly, clearly and which comply with all the rules for filing an application. Prototron reserves the right to refuse to accept the application if the application is manifestly unfounded, irrelevant or incomprehensible.

2.4. Official information relating to the filing and acceptance of Prototron applications is published on the Prototron website.

2.5. When applying, the applicant confirms that if their team enters Prototron program, at least one member of his team participates in mandatory activities at the following stages of the Prototron program:
2.5.1. Seminar for groups that are on the TOP40 list;
2.5.2. Day with a mentor for teams that are on the TOP20 list;
2.5.3. Exercise for public performances for teams that are on the TOP10 list;
2.5.4. Expert panel for the teams that are on the TOP10 list;
2.5.5. Final Pitch for teams that are in the TOP10 list;

2.6. The applicant confirms that if he receives funding from Prototron, he is obliged:
2.6.1. to provide the team of Prototron with information on developing their idea, which received funding (including turnover, number of employees, number of clients, investments involved, etc.);
2.6.2. to inform the public in public speeches (including press releases, articles, speeches, etc.), that Prototron supports the development of the idea;
2.6.3. to add the Prototron logo to the company’s website, social network entries, investor materials (one-pager, two-pager, presentation, etc.), printed materials and other materials intended for public use. The condition is valid for 5 years after the conclusion of the grant agreement.

2.7. If the applicant receives funding from Prototron, he or she will have the right to enter the incubator of the Tehnopol Science Park in Tallinn on the basis of a cooperation agreement, for which 6 months are free.

2.8. When granting Prototron funding, the transfer of the grant is transferred only to the current account of the Swedbank AS customer. 

  1. Evaluation

3.1. Evaluation criteria:

Experts of Prototron evaluate ideas on the following criteria:

a) The idea meets the technological novelty – from a technological point of view, the idea is new, original and / or untraditional.
b) Competence of the team – the team has sufficient knowledge and skills to implement the idea.
c) Market potential of the prototype – the prototype of the proposed product is competitive in the market, i.e there is a need, interest and demand on the market.
d) International growth potential – the product is of interest to foreign countries.
f) Thoughtful business concept – the team has a certain strategy as to how the company will achieve its goals and objectives.

3.2. Evaluation procedure
3.2.1. Applications should be reviewed and evaluated by mentors and experts at Prototron. The decision to choose a funded idea is divided into the assessment stage.
3.2.2. Decisions of the commission, mentors, and members of the Expert Group are final and cannot be appealed.
3.2.3 During the first stage of the application, the commission will be considered and, based on the decision of the experts, a Top40 list will be formed, that is, 40 teams whose ideas go to the next stage. For selected teams, a seminar is organized during which the basics of intellectual property, prototype creation, financing and sales opportunities are discussed and tips for creating a document for investors (2-pager) are given.
3.2.4. During the second stage, a list of the teams that are on the TOP20 list is selected. The decision is made on the basis of prepared documents to investors (2-pager). Twenty teams participating in the second stage receive advice from mentors, including professional and personal advice on the implementation of their ideas.
3.2.5. The third stage will be held at the end of the mentors day, during which the TOP10 teams will be selected, who later participate in the pitch-day and workshop on working with the media. This prepares the team to prepare an idea for the final presentation of the panel of experts, which will make the final decision on the winners and funding the winning idea.
3.2.6. The team that received the highest rating from the expert panel will receive funding from Prototron, as well as 6 months of incubation in the Technopol incubator, legal advice at the Hedman Partners Law Office, and possibly additional bonuses to the Prototron partners.
3.2.7. Prototron has the right to change the evaluation procedure. Updated evaluation conditions will be announced before each round of applications.



Prototron is firmly committed to protecting your personal information (“Personal Information”) and non-personal data. This document (privacy policy) describes how Prototron MTÜ (us) collects, uses and publishes personal information and what steps we take to protect this personal data through the provision and provision of services (services) through the Prototron website (website).

If you are on the Prototron website, you have requested or contacted us through our website, then the personal data provided by you will be processed by Prototron MTÜ (80343910), whose registered address is Mustamäe District 6/1 Municipality of Science Park, Tallinn Harju County 12618.

  1. Personal data

Personal data includes all data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that expresses the person’s physical, psychological, physiological, economic, cultural or social characteristics, relationships, and affiliation. Data that cannot identify a person, that is, data from which a person’s identity has been removed (anonymous information), cannot be called personal data.

  1. What personal information do we collect?

The categories of data that Prototron collects and processes are as follows:

2.1. Personal identification data, such as name, date of birth.

2.2. Contact information, e.g. address, telephone number, email address.

2.3. Personal information indicated in social media profile.

2.4. Professional details, such as your data on education or your professional career.

2.5. Communication data, such as visual and / or audio recordings, collected when you visit events, business meetings or business events organized by Prototron, or when you interact with Prototron via email, messages, and other communication mechanisms, such as social media or participating in feedback or satisfaction surveys or studies.

2.6. Data collected via IP address, information security systems to comply with service usage conditions.

2.7. Data related to Prototron activities and services, such as execution or non-performance of contracts, transactions performed, submitted applications, inquiries and complaints.


  1. Why and when do we collect your personal information?

3.1. The reasons why we collect personal information are, but not limited to:
3.1.1. In social media, your profile, provided you have liked the Prototron Facebook page. This is to send news about Prototron activities. Prototron also processes your social media profile when you use Prototron Instant Personal Assistant (PIPA).
3.1.2. Information that we receive from third parties, such as public registers (such as a land register, tax office or commercial register), if this is necessary to enforce a contract or enforce a contract, such data processing is provided by law or the data processing is based on your consent.
3.1.3. If you contact us, including communication via email (e.g. media queries, requests for information, clarification requests, etc.) or call us, we process your information to answer you. Inquiries through telephone can be publish in form of a general summary in a non-personalised form. Note, that Prototron does not record phone calls.
3.1.4. The data provided in the application form (one-pager, two-pager, presentations) to evaluate the ideas presented to Prototron and identify the winning idea. Data that we do not see in the application form regarding the application, we ask you for consent. Data from personal data is used by Prototron for better, more transparent and efficient processing of applications, and for better development of future activities for statistical purposes in non-personalised form.
3.1.5. In a situation where the processing is required by a law or legal act.
3.1.6. In other contracts, to the extent necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract.
3.1.7 During marketing activities that may involve the information days, events, fairs, visits, or similar Prototron activities, in which we register your participation in the registration sheet or take pictures or film you at any of the mentioned events. We process the information with the purpose of informing you and other people through newsletters or social media about our activities.

3.2. Prototron will process your personal information as little as possible. Your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for processing. Your personal information will be processed at our office in Tallinn.


  1. Protection of personal data

4.1. We apply appropriate organisational, technical and physical protection mechanisms to protect your personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access, and any unlawful processing. We use Our computers are located in a secure environment with limited access. Your personal data is only accessible to authorised employees.


  1. Publication of personal data

5.1. We will disclose your personal information to third parties without your prior consent only in the events this is provided within these privacy policies or applicable law. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information. At the request of the applicant, with the consent of the applicant or on the legitimate interest of Prototron, for fulfillment of the legal obligation, performance of the contract or execution of the contract, Prototron may transmit and disclose your information:
5.1.1. to processors for performance of contractual obligations;
5.1.2. cooperation partners (eg judges, mentors, expert councils and investors);
5.1.3. supervisory authorities;
5.1.4. Workers authorized by Prototron (eg lawyers, auditors, accountants);
5.1.5. authorized processors, to process your data in direct marketing, if you have given such consent;
5.1.6 team members of Prototron.


  1. Your rights

6.1. To the extent required by law, you are entitled to:
6.1.1. receive information about your personal information that we process;
6.1.2. ask us to correct the errors in your personal data and raise objections;
6.1.3. ask us to suspend or terminate the processing, publication or grant of access to your personal data, or to delete or close your personal data the processing of which is not permitted by law;
6.1.4. contact the Data Protection Authority or the court to protect your rights.

6.2. If you want to know what data has been collected about you, contact us at

6.3. Prototron reserves the right to deny a deletion, suspension or termination of your personal information only in those cases where the continuation of the processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the contracts or is prescribed by law.

  1. Retention of personal data

7.1. We will only keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the collection of personal data concerned and for as long as required by law, but not more than 7 years from the moment the personal data is collected.

7.2. If you want to delete your personal information, you must notify us by contacting us via e-mail Your account and personal data will be deleted as soon as practically possible, but usually within 5 business days, but may take a little longer for backed up data.

  1. Contact

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or claims regarding these privacy principles or the processing of your personal information, you can contact us at: Teaduspargi tn 6/1 Mustamäe linnaosa, Tallinn Harju maakond 12618,