New early-stage startups stand for Green way of thinking

Prototron Green_batch
In collaboration with The Environmental Investment Centre Prototron successfully launched round #28 Prototron Green batch and also Prototron Junior, only for schoolchildren, has started their mentoring programme.

The first ever Prototron Green batch is diverse in geographical sense: there are participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Brazil and even Mozambique. But also ideas ranging from furniture built by funguses to biobanks to generate population-specific genetic profiles to EV charging solutions.

“We do believe that innovation should be green and impactful by default. We are happy to have a wide range of different ideas and technologies to create a real impact for a sustainable future.”, said Prototron head jurist Jana Budkovskaja.

Prototron batch 28 received in total 202 environmental-friendly ideas. We appreciate the enthusiasm and so many applications with forward-thinking and sustainable ideas. The green approach starts with thinking and planning. Prototron teams must go through an extensive acceleration program with outstanding experts, practical topics, and one-to-one mentoring to be ready to meet investors and present their ideas on Latitude59.

In addition to knowledge and contacts, the winner of the program will receive up to 35,000 euros in prize money, access to the Startup Incubator, TTA consultation from TalTech, legal aid from Hedman Partners, and services from brands such as Avocado, Amazon Web Services and Genius.

Prototron is a fund founded by Swedbank, TalTech and the Tehnopol Science and Business Park to finance prototypes of technological ideas so that world-changing ideas and products reach the market faster. By today, Prototron has financed 92 smart ideas with a total of more than 1.7 million euros and the teams have engaged more than 59 million euros as secondary investments.

The green round will be co-financed by the Estonian state from the Environmental Investment Centre programme.

Prototron Green batch round #28 teams are here:
Agro Rent – Platform where people can find farmers/food growers that can grow food specially for them for an agreed price.
Ari Care – Cleaning products with innovative technology.
Blue Light – Instant sterilization device for personal items.
chRget – Charge your BEV safely with maximum power in any country in the World.
ESG & Co – A platform on ESG and sustainability, content and training.
Green Growth – Precise actual data about farmers yield.
Harbour-In – Simple booking of piers for harbour owners and users.
HeatSync – Connects investors and big energy users to conduct energy savings projects and making building more energy-efficient.
KrattWorks – Helps firefighters to understand where the fire is and where it will spread by using machine vision on board drones.
LainePoiss – Helps offshore wind farms and wave energy farms to collect sea wave data.
LightMirror team – Reflective panels to bring sunlight and reduce heating needs in hospitals and care homes.
Low imPACK – Unique packaging solutions made of recycled textile waste.
MindBag – 0-bag. A reusable bag and working circulation system behind it. 0-waste. Hygienic. Perfect for e-grocery and food delivery. Close to people makes it easy to return 0-bag for deposit.
Mushi – Nutritious protein source with a meat-like texture made from naturally available fungus.
Myceen – Carbon negative building materials.
NANOWIND – Fabricates air-cleaning devices to remove greenhouse gases and offers sustainable carbon offsetting for companies and individuals.
Ndima Agroinvestimentos – Assembles a hybrid system that results from aquaculture and hydroponics called Aquaponics.
Organipakk – Food packaging out of food waste.
PanGen – Generates population-specific genetic profiles that can be used for targeted disease treatment and prevention strategies.
Peek-a-Food – Pick-up point in grocery stores which will gather food products nearing their best before dates or having a non-commercial look.
Peer-to-peer mobility platform – Peer to peer mobility platform based on blockchain mobility protocol.
Personalised nutrition – Personalised vitamins and minerals.
Post-Mining – GIS based maps that give tools to plan possible land use cases for the area.
ReScraps – Global platform that will allow industrial enterprises to sell residual materials to another enterprises at an affordable price.
Respiray – Wearable Air Purifier.
SALUBATA – Customisable shoes from recycled plastics.
Science-based approach to lifestyle – Empowering people with knowledge on how their lifestyle affects their health.
SMAGRY – Smart precise fertilization planning platform.
SmartyUtil – The goal is to make the users able to take actions in advance and save energy.
Strawall – Sustainable construction product, that allows contractors to build small or large scale projects with negative CO2 footprint.
Suppy – Autonomous solar powered rental station for Stand Up Paddle Boards.
Süsteemitehnika – Solar energy solution that increases profits and removes barriers for small producers.
TERRAVIONICS – A UX-driven Agritech modular solution designed to reduce some concerns of small-medium farmers: productivity, profitability, complexity.
TRAFOLO – Specialized magnetic choke simulation software
UV Link – Door handle that uses UV technology to fight pathogens.
Viru-Muru – Indoor gardens with plant care service.
VONK EV – EV charging software.