We are ready for the TOP12

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Check below who made it through to Prototron TOP12

Envelope – Collecting useful data from camera streams is hard and expensive that is why envelope provides a platform for businesses where they can simply connect their cameras and start collecting and analyzing their data.

Meal Plan – Subscribe for restaurant meals for scheduled delivery to your office or house! Restaurants can estimate production demands in advance. We all save time, money, and food wastes.

ePharmafy – is a medicine management software that allows to reduce the medication errors in health care organizations, care institutions, and at homes.

Adventum Tech “Liveload” – “Liveload” pad system through advanced data management ensures the safety on construction sites and eliminates the risks of the fatal structure collapsing accidents that occur due to lack of control of temporary support systems.

pickitWise – Strawberry picking service by robots and a operator.

“Hedda” – provides hardware-enabled services for individuals and families that are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and distress caused by social isolation, increased workload, and constantly high levels of stress.

Simplex – Simplex is a smart central heating controller, which is easier to install than other regulators and it can be remotely accessed by mobile devices

Stylush – Time-saving, scalable, and cross-border for global fashion retailers. It allows them to create millions of 3D models in a few minutes and to set up global virtual shops where customers across the world could purchase their products.

Fairmus – Fairtrade user-centric music streaming platform with a strong geo-tag quintessence

Spacedrip – Water circulation for homes that enables continuous reuse of all used water as pure & safe drinking water.

MultiPhaser – is a patent-pending device for switching consumer loads between phases uninterruptedly so that loads are always distributed equally between phases and as a result allows to use existing power grids up to three times more efficiently.

REuse – takes away the pain and hassle of taking your empty bottles to recycle.

Congratulations to all! See you all in the finals on June 18th @Latitude59.

The excitement is rising. Indeed!