There are two Cs in a great team

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How to build an awesome team? Our mentor Peter Zashev shared valuable information with comic examples on how to put together the coolest team for a start-up.

What if I don’t want to build a team? What if I want to do it all by myself? Then you are faced with mountains of tasks, where climbing destroys your health, and soon you probably open a fast-food kiosk. I recommend watching this webinar because the example of my fast food kiosk is dangerously out of context.

It is worth being picky when putting together a team because the wrong person can be a heavy burden for a start-up. There are two Cs in a great team: Competence and Character.

It is important to divide tasks according to people’s strengths. When choosing team members, choose those who complement you and pay attention to what roles are over or missing in the team.

As a leader, you have an important role in explaining the mission, vision, inspiring and motivating the team. In time group members begin to discover each other’s peculiarities and conflicts may arise. Here, as a leader, you have to intervene again, help the egos retreat, recall the mission, and inspire and motivate again.

Building a team is crucial to a successful project. So be sure to check out Peter’s webinar.