Prototron invasion in Latvia has started

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Well let´s be specific: Prototron launched it´s first round in Latvia in the begining this year. Few seasons, Corona-crises and 100% online-rounds later Swedbank Latvia and LMT become major partners of Prototron in Latvia. So it seems like we have made a really good start there.

Since 2012, Prototron has funded 79 smart ideas for almost 965 thousand euros, and the teams have attracted more than 30 million euros in additional investments. These results confirm that expanding our mission in Latvia is the right step for the future.

Build cooperation, invest resources

“So many boundaries, barriers and obstacles have been broken down in our collaboration, and we have provided much more input and expertise to the Prototron teams. I am glad that we are making efforts to build cooperation and invest resources in an existing support program, rather than creating something new, ”says Jana Budkovskaya, Head of Prototron.

“The tradition of creating innovations in Latvia must be strengthened, because our countries oil and gold are smart people and technological opportunities for creating high value-added products. Often you don´t need complex technology solutions at all, but a good idea from specialists in various fields is how to combine the need of one field with the possibilities of technology. LMT cooperates with Buildit Latvia, a partner of Prototron – our northern neighbour or a father, because this support program invites people to create new things and helps to move from ideas to further,” emphasizes Ingmārs Pūķis, LMT Vice President, Prototron partner in Latvia.

A broader view

Reinis Rubenis, CEO of Swedbank Latvia and Prototron Partner in Latvia, says that he would be pleased to see Prototron grow in ideas that would help entrepreneurs reduce their environmental footprint and better serve society – with smarter resource consumption, improved processes, a broader view of the company’s impact and social innovation.

“Start-up – it’s an emotional adventure. The hardest part is starting to build a prototype, build a team and go to potential customers. When there is a prototype on the table, all you have to do is go and do it. That’s what Prototron is all about – helping to build a prototype so that there is something to show to a potential customer or investor,” says Matis Neimanis, a partner of the Accelerator “Buildit Latvia” – Prototrons legal body in Latvia.

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