Erik Puura is a New Member of the Expert Committee

Erik Puura
Prior to this springround of Prototron, the University of Tartu joined the fund. Major partners always have a place in the Prototron Expert Committee, so from now on the University of Tartu is represented there by Erik Puura, Vice-Rector of Development.

“For more than 20 years, I have heard the same assessment – the cooperation between universities and companies is very small in Estonia. Looking for the roots of causes, the same message has also been repeated – the structure of Estonian business is such that the overlap with the main directions of research and development is very small. It is clear that new companies are the only way to change the situation. Evaluating each idea, it is possible to think about whether and how the idea will have an impact on the development of the Estonian economy and society, and what is the international breakthrough capacity. We also know that the world is changing very fast. The pessimist complains about the wind direction, the optimist waits for the wind direction to change. Realist adjusts the sails to the wind direction. Let’s be realists!”Erik explained what he considers important in evaluating Prototron ideas.

The panel of experts will evaluate the best of the best in each application round. Mostly 10-12 teams can pitch their ideas in front of the Expert Committee.

Expert Committee will soon be finishing its work in this round and the winners will be announced on 28 May.

Welcome on board, Erik!