Test the market in Tallinn and take the product to the world

Tallinn business Prototron
Toomas Türk/ Chief Specialist in Innovation at Tallinn City Enterprise Department

The City of Tallinn is a good place for testing prototypes. There are enough people, businesses, locations with different orientations here as well as other resources needed to test and develop services/products and create new startups and businesses. First of all test the market and then bring your product to the world.

Certainly, every Prototron applicant has very cool thoughts on how to make the Estonian capital better by testing new business models while always having a global dimension in mind.

Use the existing data

For example, one good way to test you solution is to think about improving the services currently provided by the City of Tallinn. Choose your favorite area of activity or suitable keyword from the list of services on the Tallinn website www.tallinn.ee – familiarise yourself with today’s situation and create your own solution-idea prototype. Don’t forget to have a look at Open Data databases, where you’ll find real data that can help you create new business opportunities or solve everyday challenges.

Test the market with supporting of the startup ecosystem

Tallinn has a very supportive and constantly evolving business ecosystem. For example, Tallinn has cooperation agreements with most Estonian universities. If you are a student, find out from your teaching staff, supervisor or dean, which projects are currently in progress and how you can contribute.

If you are creating a prototype or company and are looking for help in the form of a mentor, with creative economy product or service please contact the Tallinn Creative Incubator or with technology-based products Startup Incubator. There is a clear indication of their value proposition, what they want from you for it and how you can apply for it. Of course, you can always take part in various hackathons and business competitions that take place periodically in Tallinn.

Bring product to the world with new contacts

The most successful leaders of the Tallinn business community are clusters. A cluster is a combination of companies and organizations whose members cooperate and compete simultaneously. Cluster leaders are people with very good contacts who can guide you fast to the right contact or company in Estonia and abroad. If your successful product or service is for export, then after testing or marketing it in Tallinn, it is possible for the next reference to find contacts from twinned towns of Tallinn.

There are several major events and conferences in Tallinn where the city plays the role of organizer or supporter:

, etc.

With great pleasure, we are partnering with the Prototron Fund, which has great potential for testing and implementing ideas for the development of the City of Tallinn. Tallinn is a city where bold ideas and thinking far and wide are always welcome!