Pipa will lead You through Prototron process

Time is ticking to submit an application for Prototron and You desperately need a personal assistant? Meet Pipa – Personal Instant Prototron Assistant. She will guide you through the Prototron application process.
Why chatbot?

The technology is permanently changing the way humans interact with the digital world. Instead of opening a search engine, clicking on a web-site, and looking up information, a well-designed chatbot would give you an instantaneous, geographically accurate update from a simple query.
The ultimate goal of chatbots is to replace the most common interfaces we use on computers and in connected devices. Imagine if looking up documents for a legal case, scheduling your team’s monthly meetings, or providing accurate feedback to a customer was that easy.
Our chatbot was built by Singleton who is following simple narrative that software is all about making machines work for humans. Software makes world more fun, efficient and smart by solving problems from organising schedules to contributing to advancements in Space technology.

Why Pipa?

We gave her a name – Personal Instant Prototron Assistant “Pipa” – she will monitor your actions and makes a suggestion if you have missed some important information. For example – you have to describe your team, but you only mention yourself and your achievements. Excellent, but our Expert Committee has to know, who will be in charge of sales or marketing? Pipa will remind You that one can do much but few can do more!
You can also use Pipa to chat with your team and devide tasks. For excample, one of the team member is responsible for filling out all the basic data, second will cover description and third will do the final reading for typos etc.
Business Insider noted that 80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2020, with 42% believing that they will improve the customer experience. We have Pipa, who will lead You safely through Prototron process.
The deadline is already in 15th of March. Meet Pipa, NOW!