Elering brings data-analysis competence to Prototron – Big Data@Prototron

EstFeed Prototron
Prototron has multiplied the competence in data exchange and energy sector, being joined by Elering – the administrator of Estonian energy system.

“Smart networks and developing relevant data exchange can offer the enterprises brand new business opportunities. For Prototron teams this means access to Estfeed data exchange platform where they can develop and test their products”, explains Elering Estfeed project manager Kaija Valdmaa. She adds that being part of Elering network and joining Estfeed platform is a good start point in testing/validating ideas and bringing them to first customers.
“BigData is now very important, it is widely used on all levels, starting with small enterprises and ending with civil infrastructures. And it is definitely better for our teams if Elering offers them financing and access to the platform. So they can test their ideas and bring them out to customers via e-elering app”, says Prototron CEO Jana Pavlenkova. According to her words, the value of Elering’s joining is offering know-how in energetics and data exchange areas.
“Now Elering is going to mentor the chosen teams, but also they will contribute to ideas evaluation. Our staff have a good overview of the energetics sector’s needs, developments and know who offers the relevant services. This allows to put competences together, recognize ideas with the biggest potential and support their development”, says Kaija Valdmaa.