Prototron TOP10 is announced!

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Eastern part of Estonia was an area of focus this investment round in Prototron. The result as half of TOP10 are teams coming from the regions, makes a good start to enhance the innovation and business development all over the country.

The most promising startups to watch are listed in the alphabetic order along with brief descriptions of their ideas.

Avionica – is developing a standard-compliant transponder module to help drone operators to enhance safety in the airspace and make it easier to comply with regulation by transmitting their location.

Covisual – develops communication software to help engineering and construction teams to save time and avoid errors while working on a construction design remotely, in a way that all users can spectate each other’s movements and actions on the blueprint in real time.

Degritter – develops an automatic record cleaning machine that helps DJ-s, audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts to take care of their record collections thoroughly and safely using ultrasonic cleaning.

Gelatex – develops gelatin-based leather-like textile to help mass fashion or furniture brands to use eco-friendly materials and earn profit at the same time with using technology that is affordable, easily scalable and patentable.

HackMotion – helps to learn snowboarding super-fast by tracking body movements with smart clothing and providing real time audio feedback.

Hairvel – develops and produces haircare ingredients that help haircare producers to make their consumer products more effective, milder for environment and end-user by using biotech.

Sofable – develops an office table for future workplace. A multifunctional piece of furniture that makes the atmosphere in the office more creative.

Sphebotics – the system that improves efficiency of getting solar power from any surface: from the roof, from the hills around the farmhouse or from the water surface.

Tark energia – is developing computer heat based radiators to help consumers using electrical heating to save on power bills with lowered rates thanks to the profit created by the computers.

VitaBug – offers alive biomass cultivation service of insects for pest control in organic farming and biological growth factor serum production for cosmetic and pharmacological industry to satisfy the need for environmentally friendly solutions.

Next step for selected TOP10 teams is presentation of their ideas before Prototron Expert Committee on 5th December. The ideas will be evaluated by the expert council of Prototron that includes Jaak Raie (Tehnopol), Heiki Raadik (Swedbank), Jaanus Tamm (Defendec), Yrjö Ojasaar (Solon Partners), Andrus Oks (SmartCap), Margus Uudam (EstVCA) and Madis Raukas (TTÜ). The winners will be announced on 9 December at the StartUp Day.

194 smart ideas were submitted to Prototron for the round that ended on 15 October. One third of those came from the regions: from Tartu, South-East and North-East of Estonia.